Measure site performance in terms of business success. Track all meaningful interactions like purchases, submitting forms, downloads, or even shares and likes. Connect an ecommerce data stream to analyze each offer’s effectiveness.
Goals to suit your business
A goal is any action that is useful to your business. For ecommerce sites, goals can be purchases; for content sites, a goal can be the number of pages viewed during a single session, and so on. You can configure up to 200 goals per site.
Custom events tracking
Any meaningful interaction with your site can be tracked and analyzed. If the data you need is not captured by default, you can build custom events: these can be clicking a specific button, scrolling to a certain point on a page, or any other JavaScript event.
Funnels to explore conversion paths
Create your own funnels, or multi-step goals, by choosing the actions that a user has to complete on their way to purchase. By comparing intermediate conversion rates for each step and spotting where users drop off, you can identify and eliminate conversion bottlenecks.
Detailed ecommerce reporting
Analyze sales data in various dimensions – find out which product category, brand, or model performs best. Discover the most profitable regions, audiences, or traffic sources. If you already have ecommerce tracking set up in Google Analytics, you can enable sending similar data to Yandex.Metrica in one click.
Get started in minutes
To start using Yandex.Metrica, simply register an account, get code snippet,
and add it to all pages of your site.