Behavioral analytics
Metrics are only part of the story. You will want analysis of both user behavior and intent to understand your audience and improve site design. Session replay, form analytics, click & scroll heat maps are your in-page analytics power pack available right out of the box, for free.
Accurate session replay
Track down all roadblocks to conversion
Find the ‘’why’’ behind every lost conversion by seeing how people interact with your site, such as with video footage. Clicks, scrolls, keystrokes, and mouse movements are all recorded in a single informative movie. Get an all-round view by looking at desktop, mobile, and logged-in sessions. Never miss something interesting with up to 150,000 recordings per day.
Click heat maps
Iterate faster with data-driven design decisions
Find the focal points of your site by seeing what your users are clicking on – even if they tried to click a blank spot they mistook for a link. Use different click map visualizations to get more insights. Examine behavior patterns for a single page or several similar pages.
Form analytics
Find that “odd one out” field that’s hurting your conversions
Detect the pain points causing people to abandon checkout forms. Analyze how users move down the ‘‘form funnel’’ field-by-field and reveal what’s making them give up. Discover why a form isn’t performing well and how to fix it.
Scroll heat maps
Make sure your most important button is seen
Take the guesswork out of those just-how-long-this-landing-page-should-be decisions. Pinpoint the exact spot where most of your users stop scrolling – and find the optimal place for a call-to-action button or an important message.
Powerful segmentation that just works
Discover differences between converted and unconverted users to identify the stumbling blocks in the interface. Analyze user segments by traffic source, device type or browser version, and more – without any initial setup.
Track and analyze what’s most important
Tag almost any user action – like commenting or clicking a “contact us” button – and assess your UI performance. Analyze groups of users based on CRM data: for example, compare how your site is used by top-spending clients in contrast to leads.
Get set up in no time
To enable behavioral analytics, simply check the “Session replay” option in the settings and update your Yandex.Metrica code snippet.